Trains have fascinated my life since early childhood. Over the
years I have collected models, books, photos and videos about
those powerful locomotives and the long trains they haul.

After reading the book "North American Railyards"1 , I came with the idea to
build this website, since Acca yard is not listed in this book. As an employee
with CSX transportation, and working the yard as a car inspector, I am
"up-close and personal" involved with the trains we build at Acca yard.

Teamwork and safety is number one among the various
crafts, working together here at Acca yard.

This website is dedicated to the man and woman of the
CSX Florence division Richmond terminal,
Bryan park and Acca yard.


Richmond, 14 October 2006,
Erwin P van Beveren



1 North American Railyards, by Michael Rhodes, MBI,  isbn 0760315787